Problem with RIDATA DL and NEC-3500AG running 2.C8 firmware

I just joined the CD Freaks community in the hope of finding some answers to my problem – after having read several of the postings on the matter, I did was suggested but to no avail.

The setup
A NEC ND-3500AG double layer burner running 2.C8 firmware
& RIDATA 2.4x Double Layer DVDs

The symptom
Whether I use Roxio or Burn4free the drive cannot burn past 4 GBytes of data. I can watch it burn nicely and at a 4x speed all the way to the point where it has completely filled the first layer; then it pauses briefly, followed by a lot of spinning for maybe 10-20 seconds, and finally the bay pops open and I get an error to the effect that there was some problem with positioning. Repeated trial and errors have resulted in not-so-nice collection of shiny of more than 10 coasters already.

What am I doing wrong? Any and all suggestions and guidance will be greatly appreciated! Since this is all new to me, I would appreciate a step-by-step list of TODOs (assuming of course that there is a solution to the problem that I described above).


Welcome to the forum.

Do your version of Roxio and Burn4free support burning to double layer disc.

Try dvddecrypter.

2.c8 f/w is TDK based on nec 3500A . Try to find a newer f/w.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I think that one clarification is in order: I am not trying to rip a DVD or anything like that (thus dvdecrypter or any tools in this category are not helpful for my task). I am simply attempting to create a DVD backup copy of my desktop’s files in case something bad happens to the hard disk drives. Both Burn4Free and Roxio 7.0 do see and interact with the DL disk and can figure out how much space it has – the problems begin when the S/W attempts to write on the second layer.

Also, re: 2.c8, I understand that this firmware is for the TDK but since under the hood is the same engine (i.e. ND-3500AG) would it not be fine to use? One of the reasons that I selected 2.c8 is that it presumably allows the use of RiDATA double layer disks.

There a collection of NEC 3500 f/w here.

2.1a newest.

I use Liggy’s 2.1A in my 2 NEC 3500 with excellent results.

But I don’t use dual layer disc at all.

You void warranty when using modified f/w.

Just create an image with Nero and burn it with DVDDecrypter.

BTW, the only reliable DL media comes from Verbatim (MKM001 MID).

I found this thread

Take special note of post #6

RIDATA DL are not best media to use.

Thank you all for the helpful pointers.

After several more tries, it turns out that Liggy’s 2.1A firmware does the trick for my ND-3500AG drive. I used Burn4Free to make a backup copy of 8 GBs worth of pictures and a few minutes ago, it successfully passed the 50% mark. It’s burned 5.5 GBs and still going. I am using on RIDATA/RITEK DL disks and it has been going at a full 2.4x without a problem.

A great learning experience and a success story to go with it – thanks again everyone, this is a great forum!