Problem with Replacing Drive in 5005

I have been reading all the threads with great interest about fitting a replacement drive and decided to go ahead. I purchased a new LiteOn 1673s for this purpose but my problem is that when I hook it up to my PC I can’t seem to run the ltnRPC facility, all I get is an error message saying “Access Violation at address 00000000”. I have 2 Desktop PC’s and have tried it in both but receive the same message. I have tried disconnecting all other drives and peripherals on my PC’s and disabling background programs in case there was a conflict somewhere but the problem persists. My systems are a P4 2.4 GHz and an AMD 1.8 GHz. Has anyone else had this problem when running ltnRPC? I’m not really all that bothered about multi-region as nearly all of my DVD’s are region 2 (UK) but it would be nice to make the drive region free just in case.


I thought I would try the DOS version instead of the Windows one and it worked a treat! Once you have the DOS application on your C: drive just restart in DOS mode or boot from a startup disk, switch to your C: drive and type: LTNRPC~1 [PM] or [PS] or [SM] or [SS] where the letters in brackets point to the drive’s location, i.e. Primary Master, Primary Slave, Secondary Master, Secondary Slave. You must include the brackets also! You will then be presented with the menu.