Problem with remote DMR-EX77EB DMR-EX87EB

Hi we have a panasonic DMR-EX77EB DMR-EX87EB and the remote will not work we have tried the obvious batteries etc and followed all instructions in the manual, the screen on the recorder keeps showing DVD3 when you touch anything on the remote. We have tried disconecting it all to reboot but it wont do that either please help thank you so much:sad:

You’ve managed to reset the remote to some code other than code 3 that’s in use by your Panasonic.

To reset your remote to operating code 3 press and hold the 3 button and the ENTER button at the same time for five seconds.

The procedure is described in the Panasonic Operating Instructions.

Hi thank you for the info, we had already tried this but we were using the return key as there is no enter key. We tried using the ok key 7 times and on the 8th it worked when we held it for about 20 seconds, thank you for you help :slight_smile: