Problem with Red Alert 2

Hello ppl,

I have an ASUS CRW-5224A cd writer and recently I’ve tried to backup Red Alert 2 (not the expansion) Allied Disc. While with the Soviet Disc it reads and writes at full speeds and the cd is working perfectly, with the allied disc it takes about 7:45 to complete and I get some errors on the disc I haven’t seen before. A lot of errors (from 60%-100%). The original disc is in good condition and I don’t know what’s happening. I used my ASUS to read & write and both clone and alcohol 120% last versions.
backup crashes when starting game setup.
I used the SafeDisk 2[no AWS] profile.

Can anyone help?
Thanks for your time and sorry for my bad english

I’ve tried with lower speed (20x) and no extra errors occurs. I can’t understand what’s happening! The soviet disc was ok at 48x reading but the Allied 20x and below else the extra bad sectors occurs! This is my burner’s problem or is the safedisc 2 protection ? Other safedisc 2.8x backups works fine with full read/write speed.

Help is very apreciated!

Again sorry for my bad english

Neither. It’s almost certainly a media problem (i.e. it’s not reliable at 52x).

so I don’t have to worry about my cd writer ? beacause I couldn’t read it without errors even at 32x or 30x. Only below, in the other hand my toshiba DVD-rom had no problems reading the image at full speed (?) Also the first backup I’ve made with clone cd of soviet disc did not work (pleae insert the correct cd etc.)
The second (with the same settings -> Safedisc 2[NO AWS]) worked! Is this happening sometimes?

btw…thanks for your reply