Problem with Recording Speed (PX-708A)

I recently bought Plextor PX-708A. The DVD is connected as secondary master drive. I have problems while recoding CDs and DVDs. For CD’s using (40x) it takes around 10 minutes to record. For DVDs (8X) it takes more than an hour to record. I am using the following software and media :

Nero Plextor
I am using Philips DVD+R (4X), and Philips CD-R80 (52X)
I have 1.04 firmware and I am using windows 2000

check in device manager that the secondary IDE channel is using DMA not PIO. it sounds like it is PIO. if you find that it is not using DMA then uninstall the secondary IDE channel and reboot. on boot up windows will reinstall the secondary IDE channel and it should then be using DMA