Problem with read speed



Hi, I have a liteon sohd-16p9sv drive i have dma on but still my read speed goes to about 8x .I thought it was a 16x and i would come close to it.nothing else is running in the background. i have 1 gig of ram and a pent. 4 @ 266


Sounds like it’s either on the same IDE channel as the target or it’s riplocked.




sorry 2.6 ghz


sorry 2.6 ghz ,


The drive has which firmware and what exact media with what content were used? Run a burst read test using Nero CD DVD Speed.


How do i find which firmware , any time im backing up a movie my read speed is at 8x or less


and how do i know its riplocked


Firstly, 16x is the maximum read capability of the drive, but only under ideal conditions with defined media. Practically you will only get near 12x as you approach the outer edge of the disc (if the drive reads at a constant rotational speed). You also have to remember that many commercial pressed DVDs are double layer, the reading of which tends to be slower than single layer.

By the way, I see you have a similar thread (here) over on the LiteOn burners forum, where a firmware and Omnipatcher have actually been suggested to allow you to set the drive read speed. It would help if you tried that next and reported back there with your findings, because at least one other member has the same drive.

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