Problem with RD-XD34

I have had the RD-XS34 for a few weeks. I thought it was going to be the answer to my prayers, but I have one minor problem and one major problem.
The minor one is that I cannot download the TV guide, but I understand that you can’t if you have a digital box like I have.
The major one is that I have preset timer recordings to tape three programs every day and about 20% of the time, although there is a thumbnail indicating the particular program was taped, when I click on the thumbnail, there is no picture.
I phoned Toshiba and they told me it must be the fault of my cable provider, and that the service must have been interrupted. I called my service provider and they said there were no interruptions yesterday, when 2 of my 3 timer recordings did not get taped.
I spent about two hours last night, trying every different setup I could think of before setting a timer recording, to see if I could figure out if it was because of the way I was leaving the equipment on or off, but every time it taped the program without fail.
Can someone help me please?