Problem with Qsuite and any DW firmware

Today i re- arranged my system and added a few extra drive and changed my Lite-on 20A1P to an external enclosure. I rebooted my system and everything went fine. The extra drives i installed internally were the Benq1655 and Benq1670 -(DRU 820A). I wanted to look in Qsuite and clear solid burn and EEprom ect. But i opened the program as normal and as soon as i select any Benq drive in this system (1650, 1655, 1670) it just very quickly closes. ???

I thought it may be a silly error so i re-installed the Qsuite and restarted the computer. But this changed nothing and everytime a Benq drive is selected it closes without warning. ??

I decided to flash the 1670 back to the 820A as for some reason i believed this may have something to do with the Qsuite not working. But again when i click the DW flasher it pauses for a slight second and produces a error message: see pics

Now this worried me. Didnt know why this was happening. I attempted to do the exact same things with my other 2 benq drives 1650/1655 and the exact same thing is happening. ?? WTF is going on with my Qsuite and Benq settings. ???

The drives all burn fine and read and rip as normal. But i cannot change any settings for them like WOPC or SOLIDBURN or OVERSPEED.

I also ran the system in safe mode and again the firmware installers failed with the same error message displayed. Cheers.

I have since un-installed Qsuite , un-installed all the drives in my system, un-installed my IDE controllers, My PCI to IDE card. run full reg scan, rebooted. Let the system re-configure my drives , reboot, re-install Qusite all to no difference. It closes every time and any DW flasher still errors and has to close. Here are a few pics as they may help.

Any help much appreciated.

Thanx McT.

After the last pic on Qsuite2.1 from that screen if i change the drive drop down box from H12N to any other Benq it instantly closes without warning or any error meesage. ??

I have the same problem (QSuite shut off) and I am leaning towards that QSuite doesn’t work properly if your system has too many drives. How many drives were connected when QSuite works fine? Try to re-arrange the drive as before or just connect 2-4 drives and let us know how it goes.

McstylisT, what OS are you on, is this a clean install or upgrade from older OS?
Have you run a memory test?

There is a mfc42.dll error in that 820 upgrade picture. Consult MS KB for further troubleshooting.

BTW, on my box Qsuite has no problem with 6 drives (4x onboard IDE, one of them on USB and one on IDE controller card).


8 opticals here, plus three physical HDDs, each with one partition each. It seems to bee too much for QSuite, as it does the “instant vanish” trick on me as well when I select the BenQ drive.

I have 8 drives (last one not shown in pull-down), but one physical HDD (4 partitions), and no problems with QSuite on either 1640 or 1655.