Problem with QSI-SDW-041 help please

Hallo everybody,

Two days ago I encountered a problem with my QSI SDW 041 DVD+RW. I had changed the firmware some two months ago and now my DVD refuses to play any CD - audio or data. The funny thing is that it still reads DVDs!! I have used firmware from NU and with another version the DVD stopped also working reading DVDs. Now I have version DU05 and it can read DVDs again but not CDs. Can somebody help me with the problem. The bad thing is I don’t remember my initial firmware edition and now Windows refuse to identify my DVD as QSI but it finds it as NU though I have the QSI firmware installed. Also if somebody knows a link to firmware for QSI please send me a reply. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Have have had a similar problem after flashing my drive and if anyone can provide DU07 or a link to it for my drive I would be grateful!