Problem with QSI DVDR SDW-041

XP won’t read anything i put in the drive,
I put in a linux disc on startup, it worked for a while, and then stopped.
what can i do. can send it to the manufacturer but this is time and expense and hassle. is it possible to fix this myself without voiding the warranty?
the thing that really gets me is that the same thing happened with my last laptop. does technology cause more trouble than it’s worth? considering downgrading to a magna-doodle, if it’s the firmware, how would it have become damaged?, it’s a relatively new computer.
anyway, any advice appreciated.

Seems that your xp installation is b0rked here.

Visit m$ support center and search for “Delete upper and lower filters”.

but even with linux, it works for a while and then fails.
XP can see my dvdr drive and device manager says it’s working properly, but the drive will just spin and stop, spin and stop.
I’ll try looking at that MS info though

also everything was working ok before, in xp and linux,
i moved the laptop while it was hibernating/not off
and then the difficulty started, didn’t drop it or anything though

deleted upper and lower filters - no change
hardware failure?
any other things i can do?