Problem with PXW4824A & Alcohol RMPS

Hi, I’m a new member. (I’m Italian, I’m sorry if my English contains errors)
I have a Pioneer DVD-105, a Waitec WT4046 on SCSI Adaptec 2904 and a Plextor PXW4824A.
My very old WT is GREAT! (it works in RAW SAO) It makes WORKING (without emulation) copy of the latest Safedisc2 (Fifa2003 …) using Alcohol with EFM enabled and a WORKING (emulated with RMPS Emulation) of the latest SecuROM (UT2003 and Unreal II) using Alcohol with RMPS burning enabled.
My NEW PX makes a WORKING copy of FIFA2003, but it doesn’t work with Alcohol RMPS burning! :confused: It makes broken CD!
Can someone help me? I have to use my OLD WT to burn RMPS with Alcohol? :bow:
PS To make 100%WORKING copy of latest Safedisc2 I have to select WindowsNT/2000/XP ATAPI/SCSI cotrol interface (on a system with WinXP SP1) ?!?! If I use the Default Driver burned CD using both burners needs EMU. The same is using ASPI (Adaptec 4.72a2)