Problem With PX-W4824A on 2x Rewriting

Some day ago I bought a Plextor - PX-W4824A
It is a very good writer.
But I have many CD-RW which max ReWrite speed is 2x, & I found that Plextor can’t write CD on 2x speed…
I allready downloaded a new Firmware v. 1.03 . but It didn’t helped.
I try to rewrite In NERO v. and PlexToosl v. 20a, but both programs show that Pkextor can’t rewrite this CD-Rw…
Beside I have an old Cd-ReWriter - Mitsumi CR-48X5TE - It can Rewrite such Cd-wr…
Is there any way to help me, to solve this problem… ???

Don´t know if this can help you? Here:


Plextor hasn’t supported 2x rewrite speed since their 2410TA, so you can’t use 1x-2x CD-RW discs.

LiteOn and Yamaha still do.

Yep, check out the specs of the drive as mentioned in our reviews! I think it’s time for some new CD-RW discs… :wink: