Problem with PX-716A installation

For some reason I can’t get the drive to recognize any disk that is inserted. My BIOS and Windows XP recognize the drive which is operating as the only device on the primary ide channel (SCSI optical and hard drives). Device Manager indicates it is operating at Ultra DMA Mode 4. When a disk is inserted and I click on the drive letter I get a message to please insert a disk. I have tried DVD and CD disks both recorded and blanks.

Here is what is really strange. This is my second PX-716A. The first one did exactly the same thing. I connected my current PX-716A to another computer (Pentium 4 1.9GHz) and get the same results. The Plextor replaced a NEC-3500 which works perfectly on the same cable (80 pin), same Ide channel and same computer (Pentium 4 3.2 GHz Intel 875P chipset) with the same settings. What are the odds of getting two malfunctioning drives? What am I missing? Before I return this one I thought I would ask for suggections from the forum.

What motherboard do you have?

In the first computer a Giga-Byte GA-8KNXP. In the second computer there is a ASUS P4S333.

By any chance do you have INTEL ACCELERATOR APPLICATION installed on those 2 pc’s? Is the gigabyte a AMD mobo? If you have IAA installed try uninstalling it because it can cause conflicts with dvd burners. Use the microsoft drivers instead.

Intel Application Accelerator is not installed. The Giga-Byte is an Intel based board.

Your PX-716A uses UDMA mode 4. I don’t know what the top transfer rate is for the NEC 3500, but if it is UDMA mode 2, then your system may be having trouble operating at the faster UDMA mode 4.

If any overclocking settings are in effect, reset them back to stock settings. Also, since your motherboard uses the Intel 875P chipset, you can disable the “Intel Performance Acceleration Technology (PAT)” feature in the motherboard BIOS setup.

I don’t have a PX-716A (yet), but my LiteOn SOHW-1633S is running UDMA mode 4 just fine with my ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe motherboard, also based on Intel 875P chipset.

Can your blank media be recognized by your burner software? Clicking on the drive letter in WinXP is not the best way to verify media recognition by the drive, as the responses are supposed to be different between blank and recorded media. If software like Nero is also not seeing the inserted blank, then your problem is real.

Two lemon drives in a row should be very rare, but not impossible.

I have tried Nero and Plex Tools. Both are unable to find any media in the drive. Nero opens the tray and asks for empty media when a burn is attempted. Nero Info Tool and DVD Info Pro are also unable to provide any information on blank or recorded media loaded in the PX-716A.

I doubt seriously if UDMA4 is the problem since it is equivalent to ATA66. This board has four IDE connections. #1 and #2 are rated at ATA100/UDMA5, and #3 and #4 are rated at ATA133/UDMA6. The PX-716A was connected to #1. The drive comes with a 80 pin cable. I tested the connection with a 40 pin cable which reduced the connection rate to UDMA2. The problem still existed.

Nothing is overclocked and the drive was tested on two completely different motherboards with the same results. The drive actually responds as if it is not capable of detecting if media is installed. If the problem is not resolved by later this morning I will return the drive and ask them to test it in the store. If I decide to swap for another PX-716A the new drive will be tested before I leave the store.

Do you install PX-716A on ASUS P4S333?IF is you may try to update SIS IDE Driver


Have you put the PX-716A on the end connector of the IDE cable?
You can get some strange results if you have one drive on the middle connector and nothing on the end connector.

Do you have InCD or some other packetwriting software installed?
Do you have Alcohol or some other CD emulating software installed?

Have you got Windows XP’s own cd writing software turned off?


The computer run by the P4S333 was just reformatted and updated with new drives two months ago. The computer BIOS and windows see the drive just fine. The drive does not see any media that is installed or identifies it incorrectly.

I performed the self test that is described in the back of the users manual. This test requires that the computer be shut down and the IDE cable is removed from the drive. At this point the computer is to be restarted while the eject button is depressed on the drive until the tray opens. At this point the light on the drive begins to flash multiple colors which according to the manual is exactly what is suppose to happen. A blank disk is then inserted into the drive and the tray is closed. At this point the light flashes amber three times in succession. According to the manual that means the disk is not empty. I tried four different blank discs (3 DVD and 1 CD) and got exactly the same response. Remember, for this test the drive does not have a IDE cable installed. The results are coming strictly from the drive.

Were those discs from the recommended list?

It looks like the drive is having a problem.
Return the drive and get another one, but get someone to test the drive, like you said.

Yes the discs were from the recommended list. The DVDs were three different MCC/Verbatim (1 DVD+R and 2 different media code DVD-R) and the CD was TDK.

I’d bet its not enough to pull your system.

Also be sure and use an 80 conductor cable
and REMOVE the old drive from device manager BEFORE installing the new drive.

Mine went without a hitch.
uninstalled px-504 from device manager, shutdown, installed 716
udma 66 was there, so far burned cdr cdrw dvd+r dvd+rw.
no coasters or bad burns.

I would recommend NOT using roxio MC, I used roxio Easy cd creator plt. 5
and it works flawlessly.

To those who spent a whole day testing the 716a . . .
You must be very advanced to be able to review the drive in a day !
It usually takes me a few weeks to determine if ALL the features are working as advertised, on my end this drive looks good.
Add to that the technology behind the 716 (and yes it works)
its an honor to be among people who can make such a quick judgement
on the newest technology, on such an advanced device.

cstring…is that you blues bro?

Few weeks for a drive??? Too slow dude.

Thanks to all that offered suggestions.

I don’t know the odds of getting two bad drives when there are only four to choose from but I hit them. I just returned drive #2 and the technician at the store encountered the exact same problem that I did. I had my replacement drive, #3, checked before I left the store and I am happy to report that it worked properly in their system and is currently working properly in mine.

By the way cstring I have a PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool Deluxe 510 watt power supply. Again, thanks to all that offered suggestions.

I’m pleased to see you got a good one. I hope it burns good too. :wink:
Yes, what’s the odds of getting two bad drives?
Ask cvs, he has got four or five bad PX-712A. They were all working but didn’t burn so good.

Great, glad to see you have the patients to get it resolved.
I hope the drive serves us for many years.

“By the way cstring I have a PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool Deluxe 510 watt power supply.”
What brand, I had a 520 aspire and ended up replacing with thermaltake 480.
Aspire are really weak.

“Few weeks for a drive??? Too slow dude.”
Too slow? You can test ALL the features in one day?
Its a wonder Plextor hasnt grabbed you up!

“cstring…is that you blues bro?” nope, sorry.

Good GOD man!!! This looks all too familiar to me :eek: :eek: :eek:

But I would not have expected something like that from PX716 :eek: :eek: :eek:

I think “didn’t burn so good” is an understatement :bigsmile:

At least mine kind a “worked” :rolleyes:

Maybe is just me but there are just way too many bad signals comming about this drive …

I had the exact same problem with a PX-716A I got from BestBuy today. I took it back and asked them to test the new one I was getting, but their techs seemed to think it would take them a “long time” to hook up an internal (gasp) drive and test it… but fortunately I got the second one home and it works great.