Problem with PX-712A

Hello everyone,
I am new here and just curious about the problems reported with the PX-712A. I tried looking at the past posts but wondering if there is a summary with what exactly was wrong with this drive? It appears that whatever the issues were the latest firmware fixed them? Is this true? The review at CDRlabs was a perfect 10 except for installation which doesn’t seem like a big deal.
Thanks for the help and this is a great forum!

Many support that the drive lacks WOPC, an active Optimal Power Calibration procedure during the burning procedure. Others support that a large number of drives were manufactured with low-quality materials. There is a technically based thread which deals with the above suggestion:
The 1.05 firmware fixed some of those drives, improved others and made some burn totally awful (my previous px-712 belonged in this category).
I wish I knew what was wrong :sad:

Thanks for the response. Going to hold off and see what doing with their 16x drive.

Well the way I look at it is the 716 should be an improvement over the 712. They have taken a long time to release a 16x drive so maybe this one will be tested better before its released and most of the bugs will be out of it. I can imagine the 712 cost them a pretty penny after all the rmas were done and they dont want to make a similar loss.

Maybe I’m just hoping too much because I already ordered mine?