Problem with PX-708A and Rw discs


I have a Plextor 708A (firmware 1.07) and I continiously have problems with rewritable disks. When I format them for example, at first the time is about 15 min, but it takes about 40 minutes before it’s finished or it gives a formatting-error and the disk becomes usseless, regardless with software I use to format.
The same with burning data with Nero: it always takes about double the time Nero first indicated.
I noticed that the “buffer” is always jumping between 20% and 80%
With ordinary recordables I have no trouble at all.
I’ve contacted Pioneer but sofar all I get is “update this” or “update that”.
My system with XP Pro has all the necesarry latest drivers.
Anyone with similar problems and hopefully a solution ?

Eeh is it a Pioneer or a Plextor drive?

Regarding your problem: a fluctuating buffer indicated a problem with your DMA settings. Check if DMA is enabled for your drive and if not, enable it and see if this fixes your problem.

Now why did I say pioneer … it’s a Plextor !
But can the dma settings also cause burningproblems with rewritables ?

Yes it can. When DMA is not working properly it can cause all sorts of problems. It should always be enabled for your drive.

Thanx, it seems it worked, but only after installing the firmware update from 1.07 to 1.08.
However, rewritables are now formatted and written in 15 min. :slight_smile:
When there is a firmware update that ensures compatability with about 90 % of all rewritables out there, instead of the short list Plextor “recommends”, I’ll be totally happy !
Thanx again for the help.

Good to hear that, good luck with your drive!