Problem with PSP Movie Conversion



First off I’d like to say what a great forum this is. There’s always plenty of decent peeps in here who’s willing to help out poor unfortunate souls like myself. Nice one gang, give ya self a :clap:

That’s my crawling done with for now…here’s the problem gang :doh: .

Most of the time DVDFab Plat does all my PSP conversions perfectly. But on some of the later stuff like “Pink Floyd - P.U.L.S.E” the program goes all the way to 100% and just sits there at the end. It’s as if it, can’t or won’t finalise the final part of the conversion for some reason.

DVDFab sets the target folder up correctly, and the file is in the folder, but it’s not a recognised file that can be played by any player :doh:

Any ideas on how to solve this mystery would be appreciated :bow:?

Best regards,