Problem with Plextor :(

My burner stopped burning :frowning: With CDRwin and Fireburner the burner spits the cd’s out. I tried another firmware, another burningprogram, another scsi id, another scsi cable. Also other cd-r’s and even tried the burner on another pc. I don’t know it anymore :confused:

Who can help me out?

If it is within warranty I’d suggest calling Plextor…

Strange problem, especially since it happens in another PC too…must be a defective drive

I have no warranty anymore. Have to buy a new one, i think.

Or could burn with a HP :Z


Hmm…now i don’t get it anymore. tries it in my friends pc and what do you think? the damn burner is working there. Putting it back into my own pc and what do you think? The damn thing is working again. Burned already 6 cd’s with no errors. strange thing, but i’m happy :smiley:

Originally posted by MII
strange thing, but i’m happy :smiley:
Computers are strange things :slight_smile:

there’s the problem with your PC. it’s been “damned”.