Problem with Plextor PX-B940SA/ Pioneer BDR-205 and TDK (CMCMAG-BA3-00) media

I’m having problems with CMCMAG-BA3-00 (TDK labelled) media and my Plextor PX-B940SA (Pioneer BDR-205 clone), as some of them won’t be detected by the drive after they are burnt (x4) and verified with ImgBurn.

After the burn is finished I can eject and insert in the drive again and they’re perfectly detected and read, but if the day after (it hasn’t to be that long) I insert that disk on the drive, it will start spinning, but after a short time the disk will make a weird noise as if it was jumping on the tray, then stops spinning and after a while it spins up again, makes the weird noise and so on.

Now if I take this “problematic” disk and insert it in my stand alone player (LG BD390), it works flawless… :confused: And the weirdest thing is that if I play it for around 30 minutes and then I try it on the PX-B940SA, it will perfectly be detected and if I do a ScanDisk there aren’t any errors on it. :eek::confused::eek::confused:

This doesn’t happen with all disks, only half of them seem to have this problem, the other half always work perfect.

I’ve contacted with Plextor support, and they’ve said me that I should test other brand of disks to see if they have the same problem, but previously I wanted to know if any of you have experienced similar problems, because I think that the problem is in my PX-B940SA (if there was some problem with the disks they won’t be never readable, do they?)

The only difference I can see when they work vs. when they aren’t even detected, is that when they work they are hot due to be played on my stand alone player or burned/verified on my burner.


Edit: I’ve forgot to mention that I’ve tested the PX-B940SA in two computers completely different and with different OS, and the problem is exactly the same.


burn them with 6x speed and try again.
CMC MAG BA3 go better wit 6x on Pioneer/Plextor than with 4x.