Problem with Plextor px-716a CD/DVD Writer in MSI K8N-SLI Platinum motherboard

Hi, everybody!

I have a plextor PX-716A DVD/CD RW but I can’t write any CD or DVD.

I don’t think that the drive is faulty because I formatted my pc and I installed windows from that drive.

I used MS IDE drivers and this resulted in having PlexTools recognise my drive as slave even if I had jumperd it as master.

I installed nforce 6.86 IDE drivers and now plextools recognise my drive as master but I still can’t write anything.

Any idea?

I send you thew everest report of my pc and a nero’s log file

The Nero log says something about “Power calibration error”. This is a common problem with PX-716A. The problem may be a dirty laser lens or contact probles of the cable from the laser piggy to the electronic board of the DVD burner.

For both problems you must open the DVD burner case. To clean the lens it is good using a cotton bud with a little bit spirit or ethylethanol on it and clean the lens carefully.
For the contact problem, unplug the cable carefully and re-plug it.

If you are searching for “Power calibration error” you should finde more information in this Plextor section, and I guess you’ll finde pictures too…

I forgot to say, if you have the chance to test the PX-716A in an other PC, you should do it before disassembling it to be sure it is the burner and not the rest of the hardware / software configuration.

Every time I start to get power calibration error’s with the 716A, [ Reads but won’t burn,]
I end up opening it up,
dabbing the lense gently with a cotton Qtip just barely moistend with alcohol…
burner is fine after that…

Sorry for the late response!

I did what you said but I didn’t fix the problem. I might buy a new one and I am thinking about Plextor PX-800A. What 's your opinion about that model?

Thanks a lot for your time and your help!

The PX-800A isn’t a real Plextor, it’s a rebadged NEC/Optiarc AD-7170A. You could try to hunt down a PX-760A (the last true Plextor DVD burner) but those are hard to come by.