Problem With PlexTools Pro 2.18 Not Saving

When I tick “Enable Hide CD-R Media” and “Enable VariRec”, as soon as I reboot and PlexTools loads again the boxes are unticked. Shouldn’t this be saved or do I have to check these boxes every time ? Or should I go back to 2.02 that came with the drive. I just bought it and already successfully backed up Doom 3 with no emulation. :bow:


Perhaps Plextool 2.17 are better, don’t know…

If you look at the Help informations of PlexTools about VariRec, you read:

Enables/Disables VariRec for the currently inserted disc (ejecting or loading a disc will disable VariRec).

Just for curiosity… Since you’d like to make it permanent, do you find VariRec useful? If yes, what are you using it for?

Regards, :slight_smile: