Problem with playing ISO files (CoD:WaW)



I recently converted my copy of Call of Duty: World at War to an ISO file so that I don’t need to carry the cd around with me everywhere. I have done this with several of my computer games. I both stored these ISOs and installed the games onto an external hard drive. I then downloaded and installed Alcohol 52% to read these ISOs (also on the external drive). For some reason, Alcohol 52% will only read some of my ISOs. I can get my ISO of Worms World Party to work, but not CoD: WaW or Diablo II. My CoD:WaW will start to load, but then nothing happens. The Diablo II ISO however returns an error that there is no CD in the drive, even though I have the ISO mounted. Anybody know why?

P.S. I used the ISOs to install these games as well to see if the image was successfully written and all that seemed to work just fine. All of these games were LEGALLY converted and I own the licences to all of them. PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!


There is protection on them, it will allow you to install the game but not play it unless the [U]original[/U] disc is in the drive. Sorry but thats how it is, closing the thread since there is nothing more to add. :wink:


Thread is open now, and moved to the ‘Copy Protection’ forum. :bigsmile:


Hallo OoAlexoO,

please recreate your CoD:WaW image using Alcohol’s native MDS/MDF format - Safedisc Datatype.
After mounting that new image you furthermore need to use the tool A.C.I.D located in the Alcohol installation folder.
Start that tool -> Click on ‘Cloak’ -> Start the game