Problem with playing dvd+r on stand alone

  • sorry if this might be a double post, but maybe i didnt post the first one correct, if so , my apologies*

hi there, my name is Marc and this is my first post
after some searching on the net, and this site i DID get wiser, but i did not solve my problem.
what is the problem: well as most of the people on the forum i have a problem with playing particular burned dvd’s on my standalone dvd player.
the strange thing is: it DOES play r- AND r+ dvds. (even though this site says it doesnt : )

thing is: when i burn a r + dvd it doesnt play on my standalone, but it does play on my laptop AND my playstation 2

i gave a blank dvd to a friend of mine ( from the same dvd package) and when he burns a movie onto the same disk, it does play.

so at first i thought it was bad media, but now i just dont know. I even tried burning with an different program and still the same results

info on my stuff:
dvd standalone : lenco 17
discs : traxdata dvd+r 8x
burnprogram : nti 7 cd and dvd maker and click n burn
and my writer is a matshita uj 840 d wich is supposed to burn dvd+r(w) dvd-r(w) ( dvd writing up to 8x)

can anybody see the one thing that i am overlooking?
thank u very much

stand alone players are picky as hell burned media…whatever the manual says. My Samsung for example by the manual and most reviews should prefer dvd-r, when infact it actually prefers dvd+r. My best advice is 1, make sure your burning to good media, and 2) try a burn on some -r.

The trick is to find out what you stand alone player likes…trial and error for me, but I know what mine likes now…:slight_smile:

is your friend bitsetting the burn to dvd-rom?

ill have to ask that, so ill come back to that one:
thanks already!!

Plus, if he is using a different burner than yours, his write statagies for the traxdata might be better on his burner. Use the same media on 10 different brands of burners, and you will get quite a mix of results. If you want good all around performance media, buy verbatim 16x, or taiyo yuden. Others may or may not work well.

Have to agree with harley2ride, these mentioned media have a stable and constant quality with minimal or slight variation between the batches.

Possibly the worst (modern) burner known to man. Panasonic should be ashamed to be responsible for designing/manufacturing these drives.

The traxdata media could be anything though. Please download CDspeed and ID the media. If you feed the panny high quality media, you should be able to get at least semi-acceptable results.

thanks, i will try try the cd speed thing:
in the future i will only buy thos dvd-r’s but sincs i bought a whole bundle of +r 's i will first try to fix the problem , so i wont have to throw them all away.

thanks for the help, ill come back frequently cuz this is a great site

edit* i went to that cdspeed link of yours, but what does it actually do? cuz it doesnt say any thing to me?

CDspeed will do a few things for you.

Since your Drive doesn’t support a “Quality Scan” (on the 3rd tab) you can do a “benchmark” test. The result should be a nice curve gradually reaching your drives maximum speed at the end of the disc.

If it’s not a nice curve, chances are that the disc being tested is poorly written & will have poor compatability with oither devices.

You can also do a “scandisk” (fourth tab) which will show you any areas of the disc that hav poor readability or are unreadable.

The second tab will tell you what the media in your drive is.
Discs are not necessarily manufactured by the company on the label. They often rebadge cheap media. This will identify the media code of the Disc you are using. Most seasoned posters on cdfreaks can tell you whether a paricular disc is decent quality, or cheap chinese garbage.

My personal Favourites are TYG01 & TYG02 (Taiyo Yuden media). TYT01, TYG03 & any MCC discs come a close second.

If you check out the “Bargain Basement” forum, you may find some Maxell, Taiyo Yuden & Mitsubishi media for cheap in your area :wink:

Yes! Book type ROM in Nero! great advice!

:bow::bow::bow::bow::bow: Yes! Great advice!

Just one problem … the Matshita drive doesn’t do book type :wink:

Oh! Well! Back to bitsetting or a new dirive! LOL