Problem with playback



Recently I had my dvd drive replaced. Ever since it was replaced, when I burn a dvd it will only play back on my desktop. I’m being told the software settings are wrong. How do I correct the settings?


What software are you using to burn? What types of disks are you using?

If you are using +R disks, you can sometimes bitset them to look like DVD-Rom disks, and thus increase their compatibility with picky players. We would have to know the make and model burner you have at present before we can tell you if this is possible.



I’m using DVDnextcopynexttech and DVD-R. I’ve been burning dvd’s for quite sometime, I did not encounter this problem until after my drive was replaced. I have an HP Pavilion desktop purchased from Staples. I spoke with their computer expert and he’s telling me that it sounds like the dvd movie is being burned as data and not a movie. Couldn’t go into detail but he claims the problem lies with the software. DVD next copy sent me a new link but that did not work. I am going to try to uninstall the software, restart and then reinstall it, if that doesn’t work I will purchase the software again or sell this computer and by another one. As I stated it worked fine until the drive was replaced.


Try this. Have DVDNextCopy output to the hard drive rather than trying to burn with the program. Then try burning the dvd movie files with ImgBurn, which is a free burning program that we recommend highly.

Here is the guide for burning dvd video files to a disk using ImgBurn:
(ImgBurn starts in Ez-Mode these days…to start it, click on Write files/folders to disc)

If this works, then you know there is something wrong with the software installation, and you might want to reinstall. Don’t buy the software again by the way. I believe there are better choices for this process, like DVDFab.