Problem with Pioneer DVR-LX-60

I have a Pioneer DVR-LX60 that I have some problem with.
To play original dvds it works perfect but with movie backups or any burnt video on dvd the TV stays black with text “Play DVD”.
Can anyone please help me with this?


Here is some more information.
I tried my movie backups in my Pioneer 585 and my Pioneer blueray LX70A and it works fine. Then I tried a movie backup done on a TDK DVD+R and that works fine. So my question is if this problem is due to poor media, but then, why does it work on the other two Pioneer machines? Or is it possible that my Pioneer DVR-LX60 has some problem with the laser, dirt or if it has to be adjusted?


Hello Thomas,

Yes, most probably the problem is media related. Even Pioneer units are different when it comes to “playability”.

To make my reply short: a good quality +R media, bitsetting to DVD-ROM will solve the issue.

And please check your firmware version, the latest official one is here: