Problem with Pioneer DVR-A06u drive

I tried searching but couldn’t find an answer. I have owned my A06u drive for about 2 years and it has worked fine up until a few weeks ago. I use DVDxCopy Platinum as well as DVD Movie Factory. Anyways, I bought a 30 pack of Memorex DVD-R 8X discs and it will work up to the point it gets to burn to the CD and then says the media is bad or ends in disc error. I have tried burning at 4X and even the lowest speed possible, still the same error. I since have bought a 15 pack of Fujifilm DVD-R up to 8X discs that don’t work as well. I have burned several copies onto 8X discs before so I don’t see the problem up until now.

Do I need a firmware update? I haven’t updated at all since I’ve owned it. I have been only having this problem the last few weeks.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

OK, what’s the current firmware on the drive?
What are the mediacodes of both media?
You are using only DVDxcopy nd DVD Movie Factory?

I don’t know, how do I find out what firmware I currently have?

Using Nero Info tool it said that the firmware I have installed is 1.08. Anyone have any ideas of why it won’t read the discs then?

I can’t find the media codes for the discs though. I don’t see it listed anywhere using Nero info tool. Is it possible that some of the files that should be on the C: have been deleted?

I would try cleaning the drive/lens with a lens-cleaner a few times.
Test the media in another drive too.

I don’t have another DVD-R drive… also, I haven’t had much luck with lens-cleaners (one messed up my playstation2 a while back). Anyone recommend any certain brand?

My bad. What I wanted to say was “test the drive in another computer if possible”. :wink:

Is there anything else I can do?

No idea if it would help, but you could install another installation of your OS just for testing. This could show you if software conflicts are the issues or not, but nothing more.