Problem with Pioneer DVR-111D Please Help


I just purchased a new pioneer dvr-111d drive, flashed the firmware to 1.06. Everything seemed fine…I installed as Master, It plays dvds and cds fine, etc.

When I try to burn i get an I/O error almost immediately. I have gotten this error with DVD Decrypter and Nero using Ritek G05 DVD-Rs.

Any ideas?


Not the best media, also update burning apps immediately!

I’ve never had trouble with Riteks before…Is there any software that gives a detailed report on the a selected drive?..anyone else with a dvr 111d had the same problem?


That doesn’t mean much - media quality always changes and G05 can variie from acceptable to extremely crap.

Might I ask what you recommend in the way of media, both single and dual layer?

Thanks in advance!

For SL media you can’t go wrong with genuine TY and Verbatim media.
For DL only Verbatim yet. :wink:

Thanks, I had sort of settled in on the Verbatim discs after trying quite a few different ones. I will have to give the TYs a try too.

Some “name brands” (I know they don’t actually make their own) I have used have proven to be not very good at all. Way too many media or medium errors and a failure to write at all or failure during verification.


To add to the recommendations above, I have found the +R variations to be much better and worth a premium (for TY at least). Also for TY, 8X is much better than 16X whereas for Verbatim MCC 16X burned at 12X(90% of the time) is better than 8X.

-R may give you some problems with some brands. Burn -R at 4X and see if that helps. +R should be fine at 8X and 12X.

with your 111d also bump up the firmware from the 1.06…1.23 is the last official firmware there is before going into the crazy cross flashing