Problem with Pioneer DVR-110

Hi there… i have a pioneer dvr-110… with the firmware updated from 1.37 - 1.41… The problem with it is that it wont read any of my dvd’s… The only dvd that it read, read that it was an empty cd-r. Any ideas on how i can fix this problem… Help pls…


You may have bad flash.

Might try going to the Pioneer Burner forum for more answers, also try going into device manger and uninstall the burner and reboot and let windows find and reinstall it

Posting about the same thing in the Pioneer forum would be crossposting ;)…better to see if this thread could be moved. :wink:

Oops sorry wasn’t even thinking about the cross posting thingie :eek:

yea… already tried uninstalling it and rebooting … it stil wont read any dvds… And this problem already happend before i upgraded the firmware from 1.39 - 1.41… more sugestions please…

Do you have it hooked up to an 80 wire IDE cable?

i think its a 40-wire cable… does it effect anythin… iv had the burner for over a year now… and this problem only started last week. I jz inserted a
cd-rom lens cleaner and I realized that its not even reading the cd… i dnt think its spinning inside… wt do u think?

You ned an 80 wire so that the drive can work properly.
It has to run in UDMA4 mode.

A Cd is no DVD - please try to boot up using a CD and DVD and also to access cd and dvd media after booting up in SAFE MODE.