Problem with Pioneer DVD120S

I have just bought a new Pioneer DVD120S because I have 2 old slot in Pioneer 6x DVD players and I just love that slot-in.
I installed the new DVD player into my machine and the first problem I got was that I couldn’t insert a disc, 2cm in and it was totally blocked? I tried about 30 times and only after I disconnected the drive and shock it a bit could I insert a disc.
Oki now the drive worked but there is a resistans when inserting a disc that I newer had with my old slot in drives and when the mechanism grabs hold of the disc it make a really loud noise that I even can feel in my table. If I shake the drive a little it sound like there’s some big loose part inside much more than the other CD/DVD drives I have.

Now my question is if there should be a noticible resistens or you should be able to slide in the disc with hardly any resistans like on my old DVD drives. Does the grabbmechanism sound like this on the new Pioneer slot-in drives? And should it sound like there is something big is loose in side the drive if you shake it a little?

What should I do? I don’t wan’t to return the drive just to get it back and have the computercompany say that it work as it should.
And I don’t want a drive that feels like it could blow up anytime.

All that have a Pioneer 16x slot-in please let me know how your drives are.


The newer Pioneer slot drives do put up a lot more resistance than the old ones. So no worries there mate. Perhaps of more concern is the fact that the ripping speed is limited in the firmware to 2x. Apart from that the drives are pretty good. Lite-ONs tend to read iffy discs better, aka the 166 model. I’m dumping mine and swapping in a Lite-ON 16x instead. No rip speed limit you see…