Problem with Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-K14L

Hi all,

this drive is inside a Sony Vaio K315z laptop, i’ve never really liked it from the start, but now i’m stuck with it in my computer.

Anyway, my problem is that recently it doesnt want to read more and more copied dvd-r discs (from various brands) however it generally always reads an original DVD or a quality brand (Verbatim, etc)

Firmware is the same as when i bought it v1.10 and there is some talk on the net of another drive which is the same under a different brand, but has an firmware upgrade to 1.12 but i cant apply it.

So, any advice appreciated to get my drive reading dvd-r discs would be great!

CD’s reads/writes fine, also i have a DVD+RW disc which doesnt give me any problems either.


Clean it.

Or you must contact Sony…