Problem with Pioneer BDR-207DBKS



I purchased the BDR-207DBKS from NewEgg and have not been able to use it with either my new Win7 laptop (iCore 7) or old WinXP_SP3 desktop (AMD Athlon 64x2 4200+ 2.21GHz). For the laptop connection, I used a SATA/IDE-to-USB 2.0 external connection and although Win7 saw it, my apps (DVD Fab and Nero 11) wouldn’t work with the drive. Next, I connected the drive internally to my AMD desktop (MSI K8NGM2 mobo, 2GB Corsair XMS RAM) - again, none of the apps would work with it and it eventually caused my system to hang (did not respond) - had to press the reset button. Any ideas why the drive won’t work or did I just get a bad drive?


Connecting an internal drive suing an adaptor to a Laptop — no way.

As for your desktop computer, check the BIOS for SATA controller settings.
Try with IDE mode.


I also forgot to mention that I installed the drive in an Bytecc enclosure with USB 3.0 connectivity to my laptop (it has 2 USB 3.0 ports) and would still not work with it. As for the Win XP desktop, I formatted the drive, re-installed XP and a couple of apps, and I also updated the mobo’s BIOS and the Pioneer’s firmware (to 1.20). I was able to get DVDFab to burn the SmartBlu (25GB) disc, but it was painfully slow - 3 hours later it was at around 12% completed and it said it would finish in 8 more hours or so, so I cancelled the burn. Should I just give up on the old WinXP system? I was looking at a ZT system with Intel iCore 7-2600 3.4GHz, 16GB RAM, 2TB HD, 12x BluRay writer, dual monitor support, with Win7 HP 64-bit for $800 from Costco ($200 off reg price). (I tend to do some video editing every once in a while.) What do you think?


With DVDFab only burning was involved??


Yes, I was using the burn functionality of DVDFab. I gave up on the WinXP system and ordered the ZT Affinity 7644Mi system from Costco. It comes with a BD-R burner, so I’ll add my Pioneer to it and see how it works in that system. I’ll report back as to whether it just works badly with SmartBlu discs. I’ll also get some Verbatim discs (non-LTH) for comparison.


I received my new PC yesterday, installed the Pioneer drive, and using Nero 11, I burned a 25GB SmartBlu disc in 13 minutes. I used Nero as I found that basically, the writing functionality in DVDFab is total crap - it was going to take forever to burn a BR disc.


Naah, I would say Imgburn is the best software.