Problem with Pioneer BDR-203 Would not write TDK BD50 RE and will not read back some BD-R 25 Blu Ray it has written

[qanda]This thread is about the Pioneer BDR-203BK. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi guys,

I had this problem from the beginning and initially thought it is a problem of the disks or format itself is a bit raw but now starting having concerns that it might be problem with the drive itself… When I try and burn TDK BD50 RE it will write it ok until it came to synchronizing cash. At this point it will just stop and will not proceed any further. If I kill Image burn application using task manager I still can not get drive to open. I have to switch my pc completely in order to get my disk back. The disk will actually play in my Panasonic BD35 but I believe that cannot be considered a successful write…

I wonder if any one had problem with reading back Blu ray disk s you have written with this drive. I have written about 30+ Blu ray with this drive. They burned and verified successfully using Image burn. But few weeks later I have tried to copy back and about 30% of the disks I have written this drive cannot read back it will try to read them and will give up after few minutes saying no disk. The disks play OK on my Panasonic BD35.
I have only used Verbatim and TDK media made in Japan.
I have 1.10 firmware on it.

Did any one experienced any of these problems? Could it be faulty drive?

Any thoughts and advice would be appreciated.
Thank you

I had similar problems before where it turns out to be bad BD-RE discs. ImgBurn cannot write completely, it hangs and I had to hard reset my PC. When I tried a brand new BD-RE 50GB, it works fine.

In another instance, my Panasonic Blu-ray burner can’t reformat a BD-RE 25GB disc but my LG can.

So you have two scenarios, either bad disc(s) or bad drive, or both. What you can do is try with a brand new BD-RE 50GB and see if it works.

Thanks for your reply.

I have actually exchanged the drive for exactly same.New one could read some of the BD my previus drive recorded but could not read but it still has same problem with burning BD-RE 50GB…
Did you try exactly same BD-RE 50GB and it worked or did you buy different make?

I have couple more exactly same BD-RE 50GB but just hesitant to try it as it will not be new anymore… And I had a hope of selling them…