Problem with Pioneer BD206dbk

I have a Pioneer DB 206dbk burner that for some reason has gotten the wrong firmware flashed to it. I am sure I just downloaded the wrong one. It has 1.51 firmware and should be a lower number firmware.

I read a post about crossflashing etc and don’t quite know if I can reflash this drive to the correct firmware.
Could I crossflash it to the firmware for 209dbk or another Pioneer drive? Is there anything that can be done with it now?

Help with this would be wonderful and if we mess up the drive then there will be no loss as I have ordered
a Pioneer 2209UBK to replace it. Would like to fix the 206 if possible.

Thanks for anyone’s help on this.


You can not flash any firmware of a newer writer to the 206, they have completely different hardware.
The 206 crossflash info can be found here:

Here is the latest available version of DVRTool:

Ask before you flash anything if you’re not sure what you’re doing. :wink: