Problem with Pioneer 212 DVD writer - slow burn

Hi I am brand new to this forum and require some help… I have fitted a new 212 writer but it is burning so slow and almost crashes my pc… I have another writer ATAPI DW (on normal IDE connection) also same speed and rating and it works really well. This takes 3:20 minures to burn a 1.4GB dvd and I can still work doing other things on th PC although it is a bit slow from the memory usage and whereas the new 212 takes from 8 to 9:30 minutes to burn the same dvd… I changed the firmware from 1.09 to 1.21 and still no difference. I have it fitted to SATA 1 socket. I re-formatted the PC and still no difference. My pc specs are: Patriot PT 2980 with Intel pentium 4 processor 515, 512MB DDR. I have tried using Nero 6 and Nero 7… still no difference. I have monitored the CPU usage and with the Pioneer it is ± 75 - 100% whereas the ATAPI is about 5 - 30% usage… This Pioneer just takes so much pc power to run!! Can anyone help? Thanks Zim

whats your motherboard? (if you dont know then get hwinfo32 click “motherboard” on the left and have a look at the “motherboard model” field)

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