Problem with Pioneer 108D



I just got one of these. Pioneer 108D.
Im having a problem tho. Whenever I put a CD or DVD, and I try to open it, I get this msg:
““windows cannot read from this disk The disk might be corrupted, or could be using a format that is not compatible with windows””
I tried with nero CD-DVD speed and it seems it can check the speeds for example, It can see the size of the DVD or CD while testing speeds, but when I click to see the disk info it doesnt show anything, as if there was no disk inserted.
The firmware version is 1.06 i think, and the latest avaliable is 1.14. But im affraid that if i try to upgrade they wont accept the drive back to replace it if there realy is a problem with the drive. Any help is welcome :sad:
Also, I just got this DVD-R today and its my fist DVD-r. I work, and I didnt have much time to check on my own what the problem could be.

Im using winXP pro SP2 and the nero version is 6.x.x.25(latest version I think)


There is no such thing as a “108D”

Update the firmware. You get the same error message for ANY disc?


Well, the site i ordered it from doesnt agree, and so does googlle with all these results about 108d :wink:
It exists, and it works now. problem fixed, thanx for the reply anyway :iagree:


You’re not going to say how the problem was fixed?


I hope this is going to help ppl who have the same painful experience as me. I bought a Pioneer DVR-108 (OEM) from Burned great, but can never read any discs, whether it’s a CD or a DVD. I saw a lot of forums on this, but no one really says how to fix it.

Turns out that Pioneer doesn’t like to co-exist with other CD/DVD drives, just disconnect your old drive from the same IDE, and the drive will work GREAT. There may be other workarounds, but that’s all I got.


I don’t know about the Pioneer not liking to coexist with other drives on the same IDE channel.

My 108 as master coexists with a Pioneer DVD-116/2 DVD-ROM with no problems whatsoever.

As a test I’ve also had it on the same IDE channel as a Pioneer DVR-106D and NEC ND-2510A and never had any problems.

This is using an ASUS P4C800-ED mobo based on the Intel 875P chipset under XP SP2.


Never heard of any specific problems with the 108 on the same channel as other drive.

Mines been on with 4 other drives so far including a very old no name 12x CDROM drive (which is extremely fussy about what its paired with), a no name 4x DVD-R only writer, a Pioneer 106D and a LG4480B combo drive (which its paired with at the moment). No hint of a problem at all.

If you are having problems then try running it as its opposite number (ie try it as a Slave if its Master or try Master if its Slave).

The only other thing is if you are using cableselect (CS), some (usually older) drives simply dont like sharing the channel at all in this mode. Also make sure both drives are set as CS if you really insist on using CS at all (personally I avoid using CS like the plague).


Chances are it’s more of an IDE driver problem than other CD DVD drives on the same channel, but who knows if the other drive is old enough it may produce a problem.