Problem with Pioneer 107D and new Verbatim x16

I have Pioneer 107D with latest firmware and new Verbatim DVD+R x16:

  1. I can burn only with x4
  2. I cant open this burned disk in normal DVD player (Pioneer 117)
  3. I can open burned DVD only in my writer (Pioneer 107D)

I tested on four DVD - still the same situation.

What is it???

Buy 8x rated media because this is an 8x max burner or use one of the nx4all firmwares by >NIL:.

nx4all firmwares by >NIL:. - where I can find it?

Read the flashing instruction carefully.

No change - can write but only read on DVD recorder. With TDK discs zero problems.

Burn with VERIFY.

Post the result.

Everything fine in DVD recorder. When I insert in DVD Rom it try open this disc - one time green led blink and wait, wait, wait and cannot open finally.

Problem with the OS/drivers/explorer.

Visit the m$ support page and look for “Deleting Upper and Lower Filters”.

I cant read this disc i pure DOS. TDK = readable, Verbatin = unreadable.