Problem with Pioneer 105

Hi All

I have a problem with my Pioneer 105, when I backup my DVD’s or burn a converted AVI using Mirror 4x I occassionally get problems right at the end of the film. It burns ok without any errors but when I try to play it in my PC or stanalone I get skipping at the end of the film and then the film just stops.

I know the files on my pc are ok because they play all the way through with WinDVD without any problem. This has only happened on a few movies and when it happened the other day I tried burning at 4x and 1x with the same result (skipping at the same place right at the end of the film) I then used a Verbaitim 2x and it was fine.

My question is does anyone think a firmware upgrade might help this or is it more likely just to be a bad batch of media?