Problem with pink panther

This is my first post here so sorry if i’m missing any needed information. I used anydvd and clonedvd to make a backup of pink panther and ultraviolet.
both copies worked fine. The problem is that when i tried to copy the copy i burned i get an “unexpected error” . The original copy i made works fine I just cant copy it again. I have updated clonedvd and anydvd to the latest version as of july 22 2006. Any information would be a great help.

Honestly if you want to make another copy do it from the original. If you copy a copy and keep on doing that the quality will be badly degraded.

It won’t be badly degraded. First off, a ripped copy won’t have any protection on it. So turn off AnyDVD. I just used DVD Decrypter, in ISO mode. I’ve never used CloneDVD so I don’t know what you should do there. Even if you just copy/paste the files over.

the burned dvds were probably poorly burned and therefore unrippable.

this is just a guess considering we don’t know the media code of the discs, the speed of the discs, what burner they were burned on, whether that burner had up to date firmware, what program it was burned with, what version the program was, and what speed they were burned at.

(@ the OP, the above information would be helpful if you’d like a more detailed explanation, but I’ve tried to sum it all up below)

solution: re-rip the originals and make quality backups this time using good quality media, up to date firmware, an up to date program and burn at the rated speed of the media.

Nice to meet you. I think the Doc [I]knows[/I] that good quality digital media doesn’t degrade or flaw like analog tape copies of copies do. He just didn’t want to seem confrontational and ask, since puremuzikarmy needs more than one backup, why doesn’t puremuzikarmy just back up his original again? … I’m sure puremuzikarmy has it somewhere. But if it did went walkabout, then puremuzikarmy should just turn off AnyDVD.

hey W
now now
we should not assume it was returned to BB or other RS
I like that term went walkabout :iagree:

I will add it to my list of likeable terms

barring any flaking of the dvd media (could happen I know, I used to get Fe Oxide flaking in my burner before I changed to Ty only media)
the rip should be a digital copy more or less with the protection removed and shold be easier to cop… er backup as the original went walkabout
the read might be a bit slower

Jokes aside I think it is probably your media not being able to be read
or being a backup copy it may have suffered some scratches or other damage which gives read errors
have you tried to clean the media or tried reading in another dvd reader/burner?

try to rip with dvd shrink
and see if the analysis completes