Problem with phillips/benq on dell pc

Hi there,

Im pretty desperate for some help. I purchased a dell dimension 3000 in april last year and just before xmas my dvd writer started to fail.
After hours on the phone to tech support we finally realised it was an internal error in the drive.

Seeing as my pc isnt that old and had only just come out of the 3 mnth warranty they replaced the old phillips dvd8631 with the new phillips dvd8701.

when i installed the drive i noticed that i coudnt get music match jukebox to recognize there was a cd in.

I just put it down to a software fault so then tried to reinstall software and to no avail.

Also when i went to burn a cd using nero the burn screen just froze and th drive light kept flashing.

Ihad to reboot to open the drive.

I then did a few searches to find how to flash to the benq dw1640 which i did succesfully hoping this may resolve the issues i have.Unfortunately not.

I was wondering if anybody out there may be able to help.
i know the drive seems to be working properly and if i explore the drive in my computor i see whatever is in.

I also did a succesful backup of a dvd which proves the reader and writer side of things is all ok, i just cant seem to get the drive to communicate with mmj and nero.

Thanks in advance.

Blue screen means SONIC DLA is installed/ remove it as well as INCD in Nero! Call dell support if it keeps up!

Check your BIOS settings and make sure your drive is master! Dell ships them as CSEL!

sorry etp i dont understand your first reply and how would i check bios settings

I know the jumper on the back of the drive is set to cable!?


i tried setting my hard disk to master, put my dvdr as slave, ensured all settings in the bios were set to auto and it wouldnt recognize my drive.

so set everything back to square one…

The most annoying thing is when i put an audio cd in it starts musicmatch but says drive is empty.

Please anybody help.

Set the jumper on the back of the DVD drive to master not cable select! Since its a Dell boot and press f2 to check your bios settngs! All should be on or auto!
Sonic DVD has a DLA program! Remove it! Nero has an INCD program! Remove it!

what should i set the hard drive to or should that be left on csl?

Isn’t your HD a SATA? If not then leave your HD alone. HD should always be a master on a cable if it is your boot drive. How many HDs do you have?

Make the DVD burner a slave if it is on the same cable with your HD!

i have the one hard drive which comes off the mother board on a seperate ribbon than the disk drive. not sure what a sata is sorry.

i have removed sonic dla but cant find the nero incd program, i have nero 7 premium,

so sould i set dvdr to master seeing as it ids off a seperate cable?

You can have a master on each channel on your MOBO! If it is on a totally separate cable then make the DVD a master! If it is one cable with a split then leave it as a slave!
Go into remove programs in windows control panel and see if you notice INCD! If you do remove it!

PS/ SATA will be a round cable not a flat one!

If it is under warrenty, Dell should do this!

set the dvdr as master, uninstalled sonic and cant see incd,

still opens mmj when music cd i but still says drive d empty!?

any other things it could be?

Thanks very much for your time.

Go into my system in control panel and click on hardware! Open device manager and then expand your IDE channels. Go to the advanced tab and read the info on your drives.

i was very naive in beleiving that the pc would be ok so only took 3 mnth warrenty.

Dell referred me to there software support team who then wanted to charge through the teeth for support seeing as all the hardware guys kept saying the hardware was fine it was software.

How many drives do you have?

What did you do in the BIOS and what did you see? Also update your bios at the Dell site and Windows update at Microsoft!

both ide (primary and secondary ) are set as follows
device type auto detection

transfer mode dma if available

current transfer mode ultra dma mode 5
device 1
device type auto detection

transfer mode dma i available

the only difference being secondary cuurrent transfer mode is ultra dma mode 2