Problem with Phillips 8801/Alcohol 120%



I’m trying to burn an image with Alcohol 120% .3823 and when I insert a blank DVD+RW, My confuser then shows the drive as a CD-Drive and Alcohol whines it’s an unformatted disc. I can’t seem to find any firmware updates for this. I’ve searched all day through forums and threads and getting nowhere but frustrated.



You need no firmware updates…

That’s only a stupid bug in explorer, don’t worry about.
Depending on what this image really is, the RW needs to be quick-formatted first.


Thanks. Of all the different burning programs I’ve used, I’ve never seen anything about formatting. I tried a quick format with Alcohol, but it didn’t like that idea. So I did the 20 minute Erase and now it kinda recognizes it, but still bitches about inserting an empty disc. I’m sure there is a wealth of information within these forums, so I’ll put my reading glasses on…