Problem With Phillips 20x

I have no idea what is happening i’m running windows xp and i have a phillips 20x cd/dvd SPD2413P. I’ve used updated it completely. When i insert a disk blank or with media on it, it will not read it. I’ve tried every disk possible. Any help would be gladly appreaciated. I’ve also uninstalled, Re-installed. Tried to roll back drivers, etc…

Do you have DVD burning and playback software installed? Are you using a 80-wire IDE cable? I have no problems with my 2413P.

Everything was working fine, it just stopped. like worked one day 2 days later it didn’t

What drivers were you trying to roll back? Did you try to delete the IDE channel (under Device Manager), reboot, and let the O/S rebuild it?

I went to the device manager, then to my drive and tried that. I have no idea about the IDE channel, i never touched that.