Problem with Philips 16LS and Quality scan



I got a new Philips 16LS DVD burner and now i have a problem. It won’t do quality scan in Nero, I always get error “no additional sense information”. With DVD’s it won’t even start a scan, with CDR’s it gets to a few % and then reports same error. I’ve been reading forum and tried some solutions like removing nvidia IDE drivers, making it secondary master. I also got latest firmware (1.9).
It seems to burn fine, at least DVD’s are readable can’t check quality. I did quality scan of burned CDR’s in my old CDR drive and quality is fine.
Does it even make sense that it burns fine and can’t do quality scan? Is there some more tests to see if drive is somehow broken?
I’m open for all sorts of suggestion :slight_smile:


If you can try BenQ 1625 firmware, it works.