Problem with PC after installing CloneCD!

I installed the latest version of clonecd version 5.1
Than not too long after, none of my CD/DVD drives worked.

I talked to a pc tech and after a while he finally helped me get them to work.

I ended up deleting something out of the registry, upper and lower filters, I think they were. What ever they are.

Anyways the drives worked fine for a couple hours than the CD and DVD drives stopped working again.

So this time I uninstalled clonecd, than did a system restore, and the drives work again.
It seems like clonecd messed up my pc somehow.

Is this common or did I do something wrong? I never changed any settings or anything like that.
I want to be able to use clonecd but I’m not installing it till I can figure out what went wrong.

Anyone have similar experiences like this?