Problem with pc accepting links

hi there,i joined hoping to gain knowledge from all you very nice people.the only problem is,if i try to link ona highlighted text.or a page pc screen(new page)comes up with toolbars and footer ,but blank in the middle…has anyone any idea why this would be happening,it only hapens on certian links,
i actually have loads of questions i would like help with,but can’t until i can read or link to replies…
in advance i say thank you.and hope one of you nice people can help.i appologise for my complete ignorance of pc literature…:wink: .love fae me.x.x

Do you have any software running that blocks adds or popups?
Could you please provide a bit more information on what software you are using (WIndows version, anti virus software, firewall software etc.)

Also do you have a custom host file?? Sometimes if there are ip’s listed in the host file, they will not display…