Problem with Panny DMR ES 20 And DVD-RAM

Has anyone ever encountered this before. I go to watch a show that I recorded and the picture is all jumbled with digital pixelation and frames of older shows that have been “erased.” This has happened with 2 discs so far after using one for about 3 months and another for a month. The first was the Panasonic that came with it. The second is A fuji. I am wondering is it likely that both of these discs are AFU?

BTW I formated both discs and still had the problem.

I own 3, DMR ES20 recorders and I’ve had problems with ALL of them within the warranty period. Some recordings would not finalize, some played only once or twice then gave an ERR and would not playback at all. One of them even looses its clock time. I keep all my electronics on a commercial UPS and power line conditioners so I cannot blame the incoming power quality. I only use Sony or Verbatim DVD-R disks, and I have to say I did not have any problems with the Sony disks, these problems only happened with the Verbatims I bought at Sams Club so I’m thinking I have a bad batch of DVD-Rs. However, I did take note that the fan no longer works in one of my recorders and it gets VERY HOT and I believe it now has thermal damage. I will NEVER buy another Panasonic ANYTHING, there must be a better DVD recorder out there. Because of these reliability issues I have gone back to S-VHS for all my critical recordings until someone can prove to me that their DVD recorder is more reliable than my VTRs.

I have had two DMR-ES10s break within 6 months, Richer Sounds has just given me a third - good for them. I am tempted to give up but the RAM is so usefull and they cannot ALL be faulty - can they?
I had the following correspondance with Panasonic:-

Last year I bought a DMR-ES10, which I found to be an usefull and versatile
Unfortunately it soon started to play up. When playing back a recording it would
break up with blocks and stripes of previous recordings showing through,
usually accompanied by sound interference and juddering. This was worse at the
beginning of a recording and then would subside, but got generally worse until
the machine would recognise discs at all. There were also numerous error
messages like “An error has occurred please press enter”. The dealer replaced
the machine under warranty but now the replacement has started showing the same
Is this a common problem, I would like to keep to DVD-RAM but I am worried a
replacement will do the same thing again, possibly ehen out of warranty.

Thank you for your email enquiry.
Please ensure that the disks you are using are clean and free from any scratches, dust, fingerprints or other marks, as this will cause malfunction.

I tried a new Panasonic disc, at first it worked, but
then it would not read that either. The fault is worse
at the beginning of a recording, then improves and if
I leave the machine on for ten mins or so, sometimes
it will then read the disc. The last machine failed
like this and got progressively worse untill it would
not work at all. It is as if the laser is failing.
I will have to return the unit under warranty, but if
this is a common fault and cannot be explained I do
not see the point of replacing it with a similar
I have seen a similar report on “CD Freaks” website.

Thank you for your further mail.

Unfortunately without sight of the unit it is not possible for us to diagnose the cause of the fault. However we have not been made aware of any common faults with these units.

I have also had a Phillips fail during the warranty period but although I returned it to the dealer within the year, Phillips would not honour it because the dealer did not get it back to them in time. The dealer replaced it but I am also wondering ehether the DVD recorder technology is not ready yet.


You guys have me worried now. I have two LiteOn LVW 5005s so know of their problems and how to fix them, I just ordered a DMR ES25 and crossing my fingers that it will work OK. I don’t expect to use the ES25 that much except in the LP and EP (6-8hour) modes the image quality should be better than the LiteONs LP, EP, SLP (3,4,6hour) modes 3 and 4 hours on the LiteOn are the same resolution, FR on the ES25 should be much better, and I want to try DL to fit a long series on one disc.

I’ve had my recorder for about two years. I used panasonic brand dvd-rams for months on end and then suddenly they started pixilating. I also tried reformating them and that didn’t work. I’m wondering if there is a problem in the hardware? Any help would be appreciated. I’m new to the forum.

I have an ES20 & an EZ17. I started having problems with a RAM disc on the EZ17. On another forum some people washed problem RAM discs & that appeared to help. I washed mine & it worked like new again. I only have a few RAM discs & maybe from a lot of handling it picked up a spot or something. I washed the remaining ones also just to avoid a future problem.