Problem with Panasonic DMR-EZ17

Hello, I bought DMR-EZ17 about 2 months ago. I am using it on a daily basis. I have been using the SONYS11 discs, which are the DVD+RW. I use about two discs a day and have been taking turns using them from a batch of 6 discs. Recently, I have been having some problems. I start by recording a show, then I stop it after about an hour. As soon as I hit stop, it says it is “writing the information on the disc” and counts up from 0% to 100%. After 100%, it usually hangs and it either tells me to turn the recorder off and let the self check mode run to fix the disc or it just crashes and it tells me that the disc needs reformatting. So, after it goes through the self check mode thing, the disc works, but if the recorder crashes then the disc says it needs reformatting and I can’t even access the stuff that I recorded. Sorry about the long explanation. Please tell me if anything needs further clarification. Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!!

I have a DMR-EZ17 that I purchased around the same time as you did. Other than the schedule menu not correctly indicating which programs will fit the remaining time on partially filled DVDs I have had no regular problems with this product.

I would suggest switching to DVD-R media. That way you may determine if the problem is with the machine or the media.

Soon after I purchased my first Panasonic combo recorder in 2005 I found RW media to be somewhat problematic. I soon settled upon DVD-R media as the most reliable, inexpensive, and compatible with other equipment.

I have found perhaps one problematic disc in every 400 blanks with TDK, Maxell, and Verbatim DVD-R media. I no longer use Memorex media as I found one in every six Memorex DVD-R discs that failed, sampled across several of my Panasonic combo recorders and the one Panasonic DVR I had at the time.

I write from experience. I own two Panasonic DVRs and six Panasonic combo recorders. My home-recorded and dubbed DVD index currently has around 13,500 titles.

If problems persist after trying a spindle of name-brand DVD-R media, call Panasonic during the warranty period.

Try some Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden 8X media they work very well plus -R media is ready to record quickly after it is inserted.

thx for the replies, but the problem is that I need to record on a daily basis and that would cost too many dvd-r’s. That is why I am using RW’s. Do you know the lifetime of dvd-rw’s…like how many times can you use a RW before it stops functioning right. I think I have used the RW’s over 100 times now…but aren’t they supposed to last like a 1000 times? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

The replies were offered to help you determine if there is a problem with your DMR-EZ17 or the media you are using.

I watch the Sunday newspaper ads at chain stores and office supply stores. Spindles of 100 name-brand DVD-R media are usually found on sale less than $25.00.

All of the Pannys are known to have frequent issues with +RW. If you need re-writable, I suggest RAM. Although, RAM will require a compatible PC drive if you want to author DVD-video discs. Otherwise, get some -RW discs.