Problem with Panasonic DMR-ES10 DVR

Problem with Panasonic DMR-ES10 DVR.

  1. When inserting a JVC/Taiyo Yuden DVD-r 16x Disc, either blank, unfinalized with some recording on it or already finalized, machine makes an unusual sound, as if the disc is flopping around on the platter. No grinding, just sort of a flopping around sound.

  2. Blank disc or non-finalized discs inserted produce a READ only, Non Recordable Disc message.

  3. An already finalized Disc, either Verbatim or TY, will play, and audio and video is okay. But machine still makes this odd sound when disc is inserted.

Last night I opened the machine, replaced the C-1415 Capacitor (680 uf 10 Volt, RJX, ce105 ELNA) because it was slightly bulging/cracked at the top. Replaced it with a Radio Shack Capacitor which I’ve used to replace power supplies on other DMR ES-10’s.

I also opened the disc drive unit, used alcohol, cleaned the circular rubber part and the lens very carefully, removed dust,etc. from the inside of the unit, put the machine back together, turned it on for 30 mins. or so, and problem still not solved. Unit still makes the odd sound, still does not record on DVD’s.

I also noticed that in the center of the circular rubber part is a small pea sized round metal part, and when I first opened the unit I observed that the round metal part was not seated flat, it was tilted up a bit, So I gently pressed down on it until it was seated flat.

Manufacture date of DVR is May 2005, made in Singapore. I record approximately 45 hours per week on it, timer recordings of regularly scheduled TV News Broadcasts, all in EP mode on JVC/TY DVD-R 16x discs, and occasionally use it for very brief playback.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

RW in AU Park

45 hours a week and 8 years old, I would say about time for a new one.