Problem with overburned CD

I overburned about 30 seconds to a CD and it seemed to work fine. I used CD Speed to test it too and I didnt get any errors. But the CD doesnt work in my DVD drive. It just says insert disc. It works with my burner… is this normal? not all drives read overburned CDs?

What dvd drive, what burner. Generally the answer is no, 30sec isn’t much of an overburn and shouldn’t pose problems. Give more details what you are reading also… music, video, files, and what format if movies? It can be anything. Further, as a general rule, when overburning reduce write speed to increase compatibility with other cd-rom devices. What speed did you burn at?

Did you test other discs, written on the same media, but not overburned, in your dvd player?

If the burning goes well, there should be a lead-out on the disc, so technically, the disc is written correctly. Therefor, I expect this to be a media problem…

well I burned it again and it works now…
anyways I burned it at 32x with liteon 48x24x48. Is that a good enough speed? my CDs are 40x, Maxell (stupid media)

one more question. My dvdrom reads all the CDs that I burn a lot slower than my burner (I mean A LOT! I think it reads original CDs at about 30-40x. But it reads the burned CDs at about 8-16x). Anything wrong with it? It’s an Acer, 16x. I thought Acer is a really good brand :rolleyes: