Problem with OPTIARC AD-7170S - Drive won't read media

Hi Everyone,

I just upgraded my PC to an HP DC7700 with Q965 Express chipset and preloaded with XP Pro SP2. I bought the AD-7170S along with 3Gb of Ram a 500GB Sata HDD and new GFX card

Upon installing the Optiarc, it became abundantly clear that the it was unable to read ANY media, despite it being recognised in the BIOS and having the generic drivers installed automatically upon booting windows.

I took the step of upgrading to Vista Home Premium with the hope that some new generic drivers may spur the optiarc into action, but alas, it hasn’t.

I’m now STUMPED as I’ve tried using the binflash firmware update and I still am no-where closer to getting this problem fixed.

Can anyone suggest a method of fixing this? Are there any drivers I can download and use? Or do I have to send a pefectly good dvd rw drive packing? :frowning:

Welcome to the forum.
It could be the drive is defective and is not able to read media. But before returning it you could check the following in the system BIOS.
Make sure RAID isn’t selected for the SATA controller. For correct operation of optical drives, it needs to be set on “standard” and not SATA RAID.

Thanks Dee,

I played about with it a bit last night and found that the Drive will offer to write DVD’s and recognises blank DVD media no problem, but it won’t or can’t register cd or dvd media…

I’m going to source a replacement Optiarc AND a IDE dvd rw drive today as I’m fed up with messing around with it. Hopefully either will work and I might stand to get some money back from Dabs

I had the same issues !!!

Although mine was in Vista 32 and yours is in XP
try going hereand get the Nforce drivers!

Dunno if this will help but I hope it does!