Problem with only one drive

I have AnyDVD 6042 and it was running fine with my BenQ 1640 and 1620 drives.
Just replace the 1620 with a Lite-On 165H5. My computer recognizes the drive with no problems, and I can burn on the drive with no problem, but when I try to rip a copyrighted disc for backup, DVDShrink gives me a error message that states the copy protection is active for that disc. I do not get this message when I rip with the BenQ 1640.

Lite-On drive has FW Hv7u on it.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I’ve reinstalled FW and AnyDVD in safe mode with no luck.


Bob_G -

It appears that you don’t have AnyDVD active for your BenQ 1620 drive. In the AnyDVD program navigate to Drives/Selection and ensure that your BenQ 1620 drive is selected.


Thanks for your post, but have removed the BenQ 1620 drive from my system and replace it with the Lite-On drive. The problem is with the Lite-On drive, the remaining BenQ 1640 works fine. The new drive the 165H6s does not have AnyDVD operational. However, when I open AnyDVD > Drives > Selection it has both drives listed and Checked. I’ve attempted to deselect and recheck both drives with no success.