Problem with Omnipatcher 1.38 and TS0C firmware

Hey guys,

Can’t seem to swap strategies using the new firmware and omni. I’ve tried both the Bin file and the stock Exe you provided. Any clue if I am doing something wrong?


Had the same problem with the original flash rom of the drive I had saved out to a file (US0J). But this does not happen with a resaved file. IE I can flash the drive, save the flash back into a file, mod it and re flash it (US0N).

I don’t think it works with OP 1.3.8, code is working on new version that works with 1213s firmware. But he has not finished it or released it yet.

It must of been something with the version of TS0C firmware I was using. The one from DHC014 works fine with omni! Omni does support swapping with the 1213.

I cannot imagine how you would create a binary firmware that wouldn’t work with omnipatcher. Please send the incompatible TS0C binary to the codeguys and myself unless you’ve done so already so we can compare them.

But you say that there is no problem with the binary TS0C from my site at least?

The TS0C on our site should work with OP. Well, minus the swap swapping (should be in 1.3.9)… an older version of OP (like 1.3.0) would let you strat swap with TS0C, but it will produce a corrupted firmware. TS0C is just a special case; other 1213S firmwares should swap fine. (US0J is yet another special case)

I think it was a executable, not a binary that I downloaded from your site.

Ok thanks, I thought it was a special firmware. :stuck_out_tongue: